The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is the lead agency for a proposed project to provide reliable, treated water service to properties within the NID service area in and around the City of Lincoln and to provide additional raw water supplies to existing customers. The NID Regional Water Supply Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) published December 4, 2015.

View the complete Draft EIR HERE. Note this is a 25MB pdf. If you are unable to download this large file, please view it at the NID office, Lincoln City Hall or the public libraries in Lincoln and Nevada City.CD copies of the Draft EIR are also available at NID's office in Grass Valley.

View the Notice of Availability and Public Review from December 4, 2015 HERE.

Old Documents:
View the complete Notice of Preparation from August 14, 2014
View the Public Scoping Meeting Presentation from Summer 2014.

Updated information July 18, 2017 - This project is on indefinite hold and this site is no longer actively being updated. Refer to NIDWater.com to find information about this project.